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At Jovial Eyes, you'll find an optical practice that caters to patients with a variety of visual disorders, from short and long sightedness, to cataracts and dry eyes. We have a highly skilled team of ophthalmologists and opticians who will work with you to improve your vision and enhance your quality of life. Improving your eyesight shouldn’t be cost-prohibitive, so we offer a range of payment options to suit everyone. Contact us on the form below, or drop by our practice in the local area to discuss.

Get the correct prescription from our qualified professionals

Your journey with us begins with an eye examination, during which one of our specialists will determine the proper prescription for your vision. We have a wide range of glasses and contact lenses that have many frame and lens options for you to choose from in order to find a style to suit you best. We also offer prescription sunglasses, glasses for younger children, and other eyewear options.

We offer a detailed analysis to determine the nature of your problem

We can advise on a range of surgeries for vision correction, including cataracts and laser eye surgery. Your suitability for surgery will first be assessed by one of our specialist ophthalmologists, who will recommend the best treatment option for you. If you choose to proceed, they will then discuss our flexible range of payment options, and will set a date for the surgery. After the procedure, you’ll receive comprehensive aftercare including follow-up consultations at regular intervals and a designated optician to answer any post-operation queries you may have.


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